They’re adressed to companies, restaurants and lovers. These services can include:

  • Supporting the organisation of restaurant and bar’s opening.
  • Research and selection of local suppliers.
  • Choice of the needful equipment for cooking healthily.
  • Staff training through specific natural cuisine courses.
  • Menu creation based on seasonality, calculation of each and every plate food cost, cookbook compilation.
  • Analysis of strenghts and weaknesses of a business going. Work plan organisation to resolve weaknesses.
  • Suggestions for a correct and ethic usage of food, preventing further wastes and energy consumption.

Cooking courses

I organize classes in partnership with doctors and nutritionists that combine the culinary demonstrative side with health and wellness issues. Some of these lessons, named “Food & Health” will also be focused on infancy nutrition, a major topic, with spot- on information on how to raise our children healthily.

Private Lessons

Tailored to your needs, I give lessons throughout Italy and abroad in order to train lovers or professionals through private classes of natural and vegetable cuisine.

Private events

Have you ever thought about a chef cooking at your place without you moving to a restaurant?
Contact me and choose the menu that best suits you. Naturally with biological and vegetable ingredients

Among the experiences I’ ve lived abroad, that I pleasantly remind, in which I could teach the italian vegetable cuisine, there are Taiwan Brasil Romania and Spain.


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